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 St. Charles Emergency Veterinary Service: 630-584-7447

VCA Aurora Animal Hospital:  630-896-8541


Our Doctors:
                           John Ciribassi, DVM, DACVB
                           Elise Ciribassi, DVM
                           Mondrian Contreras, DVM
                           Priya Bhatt, DVM, MS

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"Decoding Your Dog" Book Is Now Available

Dr. John is co-editor of a new book, Decoding Your Dog. More than ninety percent of dog owners consider their pets to be members of their family. But often, despite our best intentions, we are letting our dogs down by not giving them the guidance and direction they need. Unwanted behavior is the number-one reason dogs are relinquished to shelters and rescue groups.

In Decoding Your Dog, these experts analyze problem behaviors, decipher the latest studies, and correct common misconceptions and outmoded theories. The book includes:

• Effective, veterinary-approved positive training methods
• Expert advice on socialization, house training, diet, and exercise. Remedies for behavior problems such as Separation Anxiety, Thunderstorm Phobia and Aggression

The book is available at area book stores or online at

Come and get your personal copy signed at the clinic:  Dr. John Ciribassi will greet you with a smile!  

Come and get your personal copy signed at the clinic:  Dr. John Ciribassi will greet you with a smile!



Many pet hazards can be overlooked in all the chaos of the holiday season. Be sure your pet is safe & happy during the holidays. 
Rich or fatty People Foods are holiday favorites, but they can result in life-threatening pancreatitis for your pet.  Keep table scraps out of reach and secure garbage.
Holiday Sweets like Candy, gum, mints, baked goods & chocolate containing the “sugar-free” sweetener
xylitol, are highly toxic. Chocolate, grapes & raisins can cause disease as well.
Curious cats and dogs are enticed by Holiday decorations and The Tree in the living room. Fresh trees may have both pine sap and fertilizer in the tree water (both are hazardous). Vacuum up pine needles that drop from branches, as they can be eaten and puncture GI tracts. Ornaments can be eaten whole or in pieces (allowing shards of glass/fiberglass to damage the GI tract). Packaging materials (i.e.: Styrofoam, ribbon, and tinsel) should be put away, as they are also a hazard if ingested. Poinsettas, while harmful, are low on the toxic scale. The especially toxic plants are: Christmas cactus, holly, mistletoe, lilies, cedar, balsam and pine.  While you are having fun with family and friends, remember Parties and guests and loud noises may easily stress and spook a pet. Alcohol can give a pet seizures, drop in blood pressure,  coma or cause death.
Make sure your Holiday Guests know your rules regarding your pet and be sure they abide by them.  Put your pet in a quiet room with their bed and favorite toys. Make sure to stop and visit them so they know they aren’t forgotten.
WINTER brings other hazards that may be even more dangerous for pets. Freezing temperatures are the most hazardous culprit, especially in our windy city! Place mouse traps in areas that your pet does not have access. Antifreeze tastes sweet to animals and ingestion is highly toxic.  Also, cats or small animals may take shelter near a warm car engine, so it’s always a good idea to tap the hood or look under the vehicle before starting it.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Fernanda and her new friends from CSAH

We were happy recently to have with us a veterinary intern from Mexico City, Mexico.  Life as a vet student in Mexico is a little different than our experience in vet school here in the States.  The clinic staff learns a lot from our interns--almost as much as they learn from us!.